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Specialist in simple well designed HTML/CSS web sites. These sites are easy to navigate, are compatible with older internet browsers, and follow the rules for good site design.

Not happy with an existing website? Need help with your site? Do you have a content management system such as WordPress, Weebly, Godaddy Websites, or others, and find it harder to build or manage than you thought. Then consider having Paul Harris Web Design take over the management of, or make improvements to, your web site.

Services: website management, responsive web design using Bootstrap and other tools, email templates, email landing pages, WordPress, web production, content management, image preparation.

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Paul Harris – Owner

I have been building websites since 1995 and started by building a site as a marketing tool for a company I was representing at the time. I ended up transferring the site to that company and moving off into front-end web design by starting Paul Harris Web Design.

Of course, when I created that first site, I knew nothing about how the web was built and started using client based WYSIWYG software called Netobjects Fusion.

Although I was able to build a reasonably functional first site and continued with Netobjects for quite some time, I soon learned that I needed to delve more deeply into web design. At a basic level, really all that was needed was a simple text editor, some HTML, and the old tag style parameters everyone was using at the time.

Things have come a long way since HTML tables and inline tag style parameters. We now live in a world of <div> tags and classes to define the appearance a website and “Semantics” to define content meaning to browsers and users.

Mostly self taught, today I work with modern html, css and CMS’ (Content Management Systems mainly WordPress) with a wide variety of clients.

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